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Our courses are prepared by top industry and academic experts, contain assignments that mirror real-world work, and will help you acquire the mindset and the skill set to excel as a legal professional.

2 Months (July 1 – Aug 31)
Batches starting periodically
This course, developed for law students and lawyers, will teach you all about the process and stages of civil litigation, drafting of plaint, written statement, interim applications.
Course Fee:   5,900
3 Months (Apr 2 - Jun 30)
Batches starting periodically
This 3 month-long Course on UGC Net (Law) Examination is specifically for Paper 2 of the UGC Net Exam for Law Subject.
Course Fee:   ₹ 8,000
1 Month (June 1 - 30)
Batches starting periodically
Lawctopus Law School is offering a course on Patents Law and Practice which is developed by industry experts and academicians.
Course Fee:   3,900
3 Months (June 1 - August 30)
Batches starting periodically
This course has been designed to help the learners, especially the ones willing to build their careers in IP Law and also benefit professionals who wish to get acquainted with the IP regime.
Course Fee:   9,900
1 Month (August 1- 30)
Batches starting periodically
This course has been developed with an intention to help students become master of the subject and will help the students acquire not only theoretical but also practical knowledge on the subject.
Course Fee:   3,400
2 Months (July 10 - September 10)
Batches starting periodically
Mooting is a highly useful, competitive activity. It develops the core skills of research and writing, argumentation, and teamwork.
Course Fee:   4,800
1 Month (July 1 -30)
Batches starting periodically
If you are a law student interested in IP laws and especially Trademarks laws or a practicing lawyer looking to start or get into the practice of Trademarks, this course is for you.
Course Fee:   3,900
1 Month (July 15 - August 15)
Batches starting periodically
This course will give you a foundational understanding of court proceedings before teaching you how to read Case Files & prepare Court Briefs.
Course Fee:   2,800
2 Months (June 1 - July 30)
Batches starting periodically
Contract review, drafting and negotiation are key skills for any lawyer. Learn by doing in this 2-month long course!
Course Fee:   6,400
2 Months (August 20 - October 20)
Batches starting periodically
In recent times, the importance of technology, media, telecom in modern society has grown exponentially. The laws regulating the same are also catching up. It is an exciting, futuristic area to be associated with!
Course Fee:   4,900
2 Months (June 5 – July 30)
Batches starting periodically
Any person in the legal profession needs to have great legal research and writing skills. This course designed by experts will help you master exactly that!
Course Fee:   5,900
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