Certificate Course with Live Sessions

Moot Course (& Competition)

Become an excellent mooter, and be ready to win competitions! Let’s get you the winner’s trophy!

Draft well-researched, well-draft moot memorials (memos), learn court mannerisms, and learn to argue confidently (even the introverts, yes)!

Moot COURSE (& Competition) June 10, 2024 - August 10, 2024 Enrol Now!

Course Duration

8 weeks

Course Starts from

June 10

Course Access until

October 10

Course Fee

₹ 5900

About the Course

Mooting is a highly useful and competitive activity. It helps you develop the core skills of research and writing, argumentation and presentation. In fact, many excellent mooters land up with top internships and job offers solely on the basis of their mooting capabilities.This course will help you learn the fundamentals and the advanced aspects of mooting: reading a moot problem, research, drafting memorials, court mannerisms, and argumentation!You will also get to participate in an actual moot competition! You will be given a moot problem, asked to draft a memo, given feedback on that, and then you will be taken through the oral rounds where you will get to argue before a judge!

Recording of a Live Class

YouTube video


The journey from a newbie to a pro mooter!

Why should you join this course?

Meet the Faculty

This course has been developed and delivered by Akash Yadav, Anubhuti Mishra, Sameer Gupta, Tejas Popat, Vikhyat Oberoi, Atishya Kumar, and Sankalp Malik


This course, designed by experts, will help you master in Moot Course (& Competition)

Course Content

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Reading & Understanding the Moot Problem


of Completion and Merit

Moot COURSE (& Competition) June 10, 2024 - August 10, 2024 Enrol Now!

Learners' Feedback

Our average course rating is around 91.6% and our learners love our courses and the care we have for everyone!

Our learners are present in 30+ colleges/organizations

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There are 5 live sessions in total PLUS a live, real moot court competition.

Out of the 5 sessions, 1 is an orientation session (which tells you to gain the full value of the course), and 1 is a closing session (where we reflect on our journeys and give you advice on how to be on a path of continuous learning).

The other 3 live sessions operate like workshops, are 90-minutes long, require preparation/reading, build upon what’s there in the recorded lectures and the reading modules, and answer your questions.

We suggest that you spend approximately 2-3 hours/week in doing the course.

When you spend these 2-3 hours is up to you. You may spend around 40 minutes each day or do it over the weekend.

If you haven’t don’t mooting at all, this course is exactly what you need. We’ll take you from the basics to the advanced aspects.

If you have had some mooting experience, but aren’t progressing well in your journey, this course will teach you the advanced topics, plus tell you where you are going wrong (when you do the live, online moot)!

The moot competition (which is a part of the course) happens between the 5th and the 8th week of the course.

The dates are announced in advance.

While we are strict about the dates, extensions due to things like exams or illness are considered in a fair manner.

Yes, you can access the course for a total of 4 months [2 months to complete the course + 2 months to review the course].

Please note that the course is complete by the end of the 2nd month. You can even watch the recorded versions of the live sessions which are recorded for that batch only.

However, if you want to revisit and revise the material in the course, you can do that for 1 month after the completion of the course.

So the access is given for 3 months.

We encourage you to attend the live classes after thorough preparations. Just like the real charm of a live match/performance is watching it live, the real value of a live class is in attending it live! A lot of new, practical things are covered; and of course, your questions are addressed too.

However, if you miss the live class, you can watch the recorded version of the live class which is uploaded for the specific batch only.

Moots develop your research and writing skills, your speaking and argumentative skills, and your softer skills like teamwork, project management, etc.

A good mooter is always looked upon highly by most recruiters!

A prize-winning performance in moots can land you in internships, or even jobs.

The best way moots help you is they create intensive learning experiences, and unforgettable memories, by the end of which you emerge a better person!



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