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Criminal Drafting

Lawctopus Law School brings to you this unique course which will give you a practical understanding of the intricacies of criminal law, equipping you with the essential skills required to navigate the complex terrain of Criminal Litigation.

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Criminal Drafting: Complaints, FIRs, Bails, Applications, Appeals, and More (May 5, 2024 - July 5, 2024) Enrol Now!

Course Duration

8 weeks

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May 5

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September 5

Course Fee

₹ 6800

About the Course

With the rapidly evolving landscape, the Indian legal system plays a significant role in maintaining law and order within the nation – ‘Criminal Laws’, a cornerstone of this system, holds immense importance and serves as the primary mechanism for addressing offences against the state and society, upholding individual rights, and ensuring that justice is served in such a diverse and densely populated country like India. 

If you are passionate about Criminal Law/Litigation, understanding Criminal Drafting and Procedure becomes an essential stepping stone for you to excel in the field of Criminal Law. 

Theoretically wholesome and practically enriching, this course will teach you the practical niceties of Criminal Laws, their Procedural Aspects, and Drafting.


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Criminal Procedure and the Hierarchy of the Criminal Courts in India along with different types of offences.

Develop an understanding of the Criminal Proceedings. Gain insights on the different authorities and their role in the investigation of the case.
Learn all about Complaints, FIRs and Quashing of the FIR. There shall also be a ‘surprise masterclass 1’ scheduled within this week.
Learn about Complaints and Applications under Criminal Law such as Notice and Application under Section 138 NI Act, Private Complaint under Section 156(3), CrPC and Applications under Section 256 & 317, CrPC. Learn common drafting tricks, mistakes and strategies. 1st compulsory practical assignment will be released.
In depth on Complaints and Applications: such as Application for Maintenance under Section 125, CrPC, Application under Section 12, DV Act and about Parole and Furlough.
Learn about Bails, their types and the procedure of Bails. Discussion of the 1st Assignment in depth + personalised feedback.
Understand the Pre-Trial stage in a Criminal Trial: Charge, Discharge and Protest Petition.
Criminal Law during the Trial stage. 2nd compulsory practical assignment will be released.
Understand what happens after the Trial stage: Appeals, Revisions and SLP. Discussion of the 2nd Assignment in depth + personalised feedback.
CD Week 1
CD Week 2
CD Week 3
CD Week 4
CD Week 5
CD Week 6
CD Week 7
CD Week 8

Why should you join this course?

Meet the Faculty

This course has been developed and delivered by Anandini,Lakshmi Raman

Adv. Jaibatruka Mohanta is a practicing Advocate before the Courts at Karnataka and other Courts across India. In addition to this, he is a Research Associate at the Centre for Environmental Law, Education, Research and Advocacy (CEERA), National Law School of India University (NLSIU) to delve into cutting-edge research, policy formulation, and capacity-building programmes for the government of India.

Adv. Jaibatruka Mohanta
Faculty for Criminal Drafting

Ms. Samiksha Singh is practicing as a Criminal Litigator and has an experience of over 4 years. She has worked extensively in the field having worked on multiple high-profile cases with distinguished luminaries of law such as Adv. Satish Maneshinde, Adv. Yug M. Chaudhry & Adv. Faisal Rizvi.

Ms. Samiksha Singh
Faculty for Criminal Drafting

Ms. Bela Khattar is a seasoned legal practitioner with an experience of over 25 years handling diverse legal matters and primarily focusing on Criminal Litigation in Delhi and adjoining areas.

Ms. Bela Khattar
Faculty for Criminal Drafting

Anandini is an established Criminal Lawyer practising in Mumbai. She has been associated to the Chambers of Adv. Maneshinde from the beginning of her journey along with taking up her cases independently.

Anandini Fernandes
Faculty for Criminal Drafting

Lakshmi Raman graduated from Symbiosis Law School, Pune and has practising since 2013. After her graduation, she has worked under the guidance of renowned criminal lawyer, Advocate Satish Maneshinde, for over 6 years before co-founding Numen Law Offices, a dispute resolution and criminal litigation firm.

Lakshmi Raman
Faculty for Criminal Drafting


This course, designed by experts, will help you master in Criminal Procedure and Drafting

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction to Criminal Procedure and Drafting

Module 2: FIRs and Police complaints
Module 3: Quashing of FIRs
Module 4: Criminal Complaints and Applications
Module 5: Pre-trial - Charge, Discharge, Protest Petition
Module 6: All about Bails
Module 7: Trial
Module 8: Appeal, Revision and SLP
Module 9: Golden Hello Short Modules
Module 10: Compilations of Criminal Case Laws and Terminologies
Module 11: Drafts of FIR, Applications and Complaints

Who can enroll in this course?


of Completion

Criminal Drafting: Complaints, FIRs, Bails, Applications, Appeals, and More (May 5, 2024 - July 5, 2024) Enrol Now!

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The reading modules and the recorded lectures can be read and watched at any time during the duration of the course. Many industry experts, faculty members utilize these as refresher modules.

The live lectures, of course, have a set date and time which are announced within 1-2 days of the beginning of the course. If you miss a live lecture, don’t worry; you’ll be able to watch the recorded version of the same. 

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