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To enhance your learning and earning opportunities, Lawctopus Law School (LLS) is providing a limited period offer on its yearly subscription plan granting access to 30+ courses and placement opportunities on lawctopuslawschool.com for a year.

Lawctopus Law School’s Annual Subscription Plan Enrol Now!

Why Choose LLS’ Annual Subscription?

More than 75% scholarship on all courses

All the LLS courses have a combined value of over 1 lakh, and you can avail of them for a reduced price of just Rs. 24,000.

Free access to all the courses and webinars

Unlimited access to all the live courses, self-paced courses, test prep courses, and webinars.

Certificates of Completion and Recommendation Letter

Earn certificates and recommendation letters upon successfully completing the course, recognizing your achievements, and demonstrating your competency.

Placement Assistance w.r.t Internships!

Receive personalized feedback on each assignment. Learn by doing the real-life stuff.

Engaging Weekly Live Lectures and Q&A sessions

Join interactive live lectures conducted on a weekly basis to address all your doubts by experts.

Extensive Research-Based Reading Resources

Access meticulously researched reading materials and recorded lectures. This material compresses years of learning into a few pages/minutes.

Personalized Assignment Feedback

Receive personalized feedback on each assignment to help you grow and improve your skills

Courses Included in LLS Annual Subscription

Live Session Courses

LLS’ Live Session Courses are prepared and delivered by top industry and academic experts. Reading material and recorded lectures help set a strong, practical base; live classes help you address all doubts, assignments and personalized feedback help you implement learnings in real-life scenarios and check how much you actually learnt!

Self-paced Courses

Why should success be postponed? Unwait launching of batches, and learn and succeed at your own pace with LLS’ self-paced courses.

Self-paced Workshops

Self-paced workshops focus on specialized knowledge/skill-sets: GST, Jurisprudence, M & A, to name a few. LLS’ self-paced workshops help you gain expertise you need to excel in your niche.

Test Prep Courses

Are you an aspirant of the judiciary, CLAT, or UGC? If yes, try our rigorously prepared mock tests by people who have been there and cracked that! Compete with aspirants across the nation!

More than 12,000 law students, legal professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and academicians from top law schools and law firms have accessed our courses.

The average rating is 92.6/100!

Check Real, Raw Ratings and Feedback Here

Who should not miss out on this subscription?

Law Students

Our courses teach you the fundamental skills of legal research, legal writing, drafting contracts, legal notices, and move to teach you the advanced aspects of IPR, Technology Laws, M&As, etc. Standout during your internships and make yourself employable in 1 year!

Lawyers & Legal Professionals

If you want to venture into new practice areas like IPR, Corporate Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Technology Laws, our courses will serve as the beginning point of mastery of these subjects. Our LIVE classes are taught by practitioners and will surely help you learn the core, and earn more!


Some of our courses like Legal Research and Writing, the UGC Test Prep course are tailor-made for you. Other courses will help you learn the practical nuances of subjects like IPR, Corporate Law, Contracts, Technology Laws, and more and bring that knowledge into your classroom!

What Our Learners Have to Say About Our Courses

Soumya Mani


After doing this course, I have cleared UGC NET December 2020 and June 2021 cycle exams. This course came as a guiding light for me. The way the concepts were made clear was a reflection of the effort put up by the Lawctupus team. I would like to thank the entire team for helping me achieve my goals and I hope other students like me would also gain the benefit of this wonderful course.

Aparimita Pandey


The team, the supportive nature, honest feedback, concept based learning throughout the course, easy going flow of study with lots of examples from real life made it easier to understand the course very well.

Kirtikumar Pravinkumar Shroff


The reading material gives good overall information on the Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanism and a complete overview of the new concept of Online Dispute Resolution. The last module on the future of ODR is very interesting. The role of AI in ODR, the role of Block Chain in ODR and information given on Smart Contracts is very fascinating and relevant.

Jatin Chandra


The course is very, very helpful for beginners like me who have never done research before. It gave me an introduction to research and its practical application in a very simple and joyful manner. I came to know that we should achieve our objectives in a time-bound manner for proper discipline and in-time submission. I have achieved the purpose for which I enrolled myself in this course.

Soumyadeep Mukherjee


Anip Ghose


The overall experience has been good. The structure of the course is very well organized which helps in understanding the crux of the matter. The recorded lectures provide an extra benefit when live classes couldn’t be attended. The reading materials are so very well written and in such simple language that it’s easy to understand the topic and also get better insight into the topic.

Harshita Tholiya


Super amazing. I really appreciate the amazing, short, and crisp reading material provided along with real-life projects. My mentor was an absolutely amazing mentor who guided us so amazingly.

Beethalpreet Kaur Ratra


I really enjoyed the live lectures, specially because how informative and engaging they were, I personally wouldn’t mind attending them twice a week. I like the fact how detailed the drafting videos were, I also need to mention the reading modules they were extremely helpful. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the course, I enjoyed the entire experience.

Huzaifa Shaikh


It has been an amazing experience. Everything has been good. Be it recorded lectures, live classes, modules, webinars, tech support, etc. It was worth doing it. I would recommend it to every law student.

We Have Placed Our Learners at

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a 1-year subscription plan which means you can enroll for any number of courses within 1 year of purchasing the subscription plan.


“A” sign-ups for the subscription plan on July 1, 2023. 

He/she has access to all the courses available on www.lawctopuslawschool.com till July 1, 2024.


“A” sign-ups for the subscription plan on July 1, 2023. A batch of the “legal research  and writing course” is running from June 1, 2024-July 30, 2024. The learner cannot register for this batch of the “legal research and writing course” since the batch is ending on July 30, 2024 while the subscription plan is till July 1, 2024.


“A” sign-ups for the subscription plan on July 1, 2023. He/she signs-up for a self-paced course on July 1, 2024. He/she invests a lot of time and effort into the course and completes the course the same day. “A” is eligible for a certificate for that self-paced course since the subscription plan is till July 1, 2024.

20+ courses (live courses, self-paced courses, self-paced workshops and webinars), all listed on www.lawctopuslawschool.com are a part of the subscription plan. 

Any new course that is added during the validity of the subscription plan (1 year from the date of purchase) automatically becomes a part of the subscription plan.

Some of the courses are LIVE. Some of them are recorded.

You can check the list of courses at www.lawctopuslawschool.com

Each of our 20+ courses (that are a part of the subscription plan) have their own class schedule. 

We schedule our classes in late evenings to ensure all our learners (college students or professionals) can attend them.

Most of the time the timings of the LIVE classes will not clash. 

In a rare case they do, you can choose to:

  • Skip the course batch for a while (a new batch is launched in 1-2 months)
  • Choose to watch the recorded versions of the LIVE classes for one of the course
  • Choose to do some other course (whose LIVE classes don’t clash)

There will be a learning manager to guide you so that you can take courses with no clashes in live sessions.

Suggested strategy for the first 4 months: We suggest all learners to do the 2 fundamental courses: [1] Legal Research and Writing, and [2] Contract Drafting and Negotiation (both of which are LIVE) within the first 4 months of buying the subscription plan. 

Along with these, try completing the self-paced course ‘Drafting a Legal Notice’ within the first 4 months. In case you are a 1st or 2nd year law student, do the course called ‘A Legal Career Roadmap’ as well. 

You can then watch the recorded version of the same which is uploaded on the course portal.

We’ll schedule a group orientation call with you within 5 working days. 

The orientation call will explain the entire logistics of the Subscription Plan. 

Please note that we work Tuesday-Saturday.

You’ll have a Learning Manager assigned to you. 

Tech support queries are resolved within 2 working days. 

Course-related questions are encouraged during the LIVE classes and are responded promptly. 

Unaddressed course-related questions can be asked on the discussion portal too.

All the reading material and recorded lectures for ALL of our 20+ courses will be provided to you on sign-up. Any new course which is added during your subscription period will also become accessible to you.

We call this the ‘COMPLETE LLS LIBRARY’. You can login to the learning management system (LMS) anytime and read/watch these. 

The LMS is accessible on phone and laptop/desktop and requires a good internet connection.

The material cannot be downloaded due to copyright related reasons. 

The COMPLETE LLS LIBRARY [CLL] contains all the reading material and recorded lectures of all our courses.

Want to glance through the competition law course? It’s on the CLL. Want to go through the ‘empirical legal research module’ of the legal research and writing course? CLL will provide you with handy access. 

To do the individual courses, you’ll have to register to that course separately. Of course, since you have bought the subscription, all the courses are available to you free of any additional cost for 1 year.

You can email us [courses@lawctopus.com] the course you want to sign-up for anytime. In case of a self-paced course, you’ll be added to the course within 2 working days. 

In case of a LIVE course, you’ll be added to the immediately available batch within 2 working days.

You’ll be added to each of the courses separately so that you get the full experience of that course and are added to your batch seamlessly.

We’ll be giving you monthly calls and sending you regular emails to ensure that your learning and growth is on track.

You can choose to do any number of courses, however, we suggest doing  1 LIVE course and 1 self-paced course/workshop at at time.

Each course has its own timeline of submitting the assignment and you will be required to submit the assignment as per the requirements of the coure.

Don’t worry! You will be assigned a mentor who will guide you through the entire process.

Firstly, all that we want is a sincere engagement in the course from you. If you do that, know that you’ll pass the assignment.

Secondly, we are liberal in our marking.

And finally, we always give you a second chance to do well in the assignment.

You’ll be granted a certificate for each of the courses you complete as a part of the subscription plan separately.

Certificates are granted on successful completion of the assignment.

Recommendation Letters are also given to meritorious learners:

  • If you complete more than 3 courses with a merit certificate in each course you’ll get a Recommendation Letter from Head, Lawctopus Law School.
  • If you complete more than 6 courses with a merit certificate in each course , you’ll get a Recommendation Letter from the CEO.
  1. Placement support
  2. Email/phone


Lawctopus Law School’s Annual Subscription Plan Enrol Now!

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