Technology Laws: March 20 – May 20, 2023

Designed for law students and young lawyers, this intensive 2-month course will ensure that you know everything there is to know about this emerging, exciting, and futuristic area of law. At the end of this course, our aim is that law students perform well in their Technology Law internships, and young lawyers become well-versed in the subject area, to secure further opportunities.

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About Technology Laws

The Technology Laws landscape has witnessed tremendous growth over the years, with the advent of new-age technologies and social media. These new systems have changed how we communicate!

While innovation in this sector has introduced several new products and services, it has also given rise to new challenges across different media – be it television, print, mobile devices, or the Internet.

Technology Laws laws govern the movement of communications across these various different platforms.

Why is it important?

In recent times, the importance of Technology Laws in modern society has grown exponentially. We all know how valuable technology is, and how it has shaped our lives, in every manner possible.

Further, with the development of the mobile phone and broadband internet, governments, institutions, and companies are now investing in technology, more than ever. Its share in the economy is rapidly growing, and innovation is happening every day.

Hence, laws regulating technology are also catching up. Naturally, with everything being reliant on technology, this is definitely an exciting area of law to be associated with!

Why should you be a Technology Laws lawyer?

Lately, work has been flowing in from all sectors – be it online aggregators, e-commerce, digital payments, cross-border trading, data privacy, blockchain and cryptocurrency, the export of tech services, drone regulations, regulations of automated vehicles and other robots, cybersecurity – and legal issues pertaining to many such key technological developments.

If you get excited by such new technology and the changing world around us, then Technology Laws could offer you great opportunities!

It goes without saying that Technology Laws are constantly evolving, keeping everyone – from lawyers to entrepreneurs, to politicians – on their toes. Hence, it is extremely valuable to develop legal expertise in this domain, as digital disruption continues.

Accordingly, career prospects in Technology Laws law have increased astronomically, and there exist limitless requirements for legal advice on these issues, by all kinds of industries, start-ups, law firms, policy houses, and even governments!

Sounds interesting? Want to know more about this area of law?

Our online certificate course on Technology Laws will teach you the basic, as well as the advanced concepts of Technology Laws law. 

Not only will you get a grip of the fundamentals, you will also be taught the nuances of the subject, from an extremely practical perspective.

This course is a good mix of rigorously researched reading modules, engaging weekly live lectures, and useful assignments (with individual, personalized feedback).

Most importantly, our course will be delivered with utmost warmth and care!

Course Structure

This course holistically covers all essential aspects of this subject area – be it an introduction to Technology Laws, fintech regulations, cryptocurrencies, privacy and data protection, e-commerce, telecom regulations, the liability of intermediaries, and content moderation, media, and entertainment laws, as well as emerging technologies.

A brief overview of the course structure is given as follows:

Module 1: Introduction to Technology Laws

This module covers what Technology Laws are, the role of Technology lawyers, and the various practice areas in this field. It also covers practical aspects, such as research methodologies for Technology practitioners, sources of research, as well as essential know-how for budding lawyers in this field.

Module 2: Fintech

This module introduces the concept of fintech, as well as delves into the regulatory framework for digital products and services. It also discusses prepaid payment instruments, payment gateways and aggregators, payment banks, UPIs, digital and P2P lending, and other such regulatory components.

Module 3: Fintech (Cryptocurrencies)

This module briefly discusses the concept of cryptocurrencies, their legality, as well as Indian case laws on this issue.

Module 4: Privacy and Data Protection

This module traces the evolution of the Right to Privacy in India, by analyzing various case laws, legislations, and the general jurisprudence. It also discusses the position adopted by various foreign jurisdictions, specifically in the EU and USA.

Module 5: E-Commerce, Intermediary Liability, and Content Moderation

This module discusses the liability of intermediaries, as well as take-down mechanisms. It delves into the Information Technology Act, 2000, the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, and blocking rules under the same. This module also touches upon e-commerce, and over-the-top or ‘OTT’ services.

Module 6: Telecom Regulations

This module discusses the regulation of telecommunications in India, by exploring key laws, as well as government ministries. It also deliberates upon the licensing regime, interesting case laws, the network neutrality debate in India, as well as the Other Service Provider regime.

Module 7: Media and Entertainment Laws

This module discusses regulations governing print media, cable television, and radio, and media transactions. It also probes into broadcast, advertising, and new media regulations.

Module 8: Emerging Technologies

This module touches upon fascinating, upcoming, disruptive technologies, such as 5G, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, drones, Internet of Things, Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality, and many other emerging technologies. It discusses the applicable regulations and the need for upcoming laws in this regard.

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Course Includes

  • 18 Lessons
  • 3 Topics
  • 1 Quiz

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