Revision Course on Acing Jurisprudence Exams

The study of Jurisprudence introduces you to the spirit of the law and it helps you judge whether something is legally right or not.

Whether you are a law student, litigator, judge, or academician, knowledge of the theory of law is very important as it gives a basis to all your opinions, beliefs, and ideas. Thus, Jurisprudence is part of the syllabus of almost all law schools and post-graduate competitive exams.

Most students find it difficult to study, but if you know the right strategy and approach, acing a Jurisprudence Exam can be a cakewalk!

This revision course will give you a detailed understanding of the subject, thereby making you well equipped for college/university and competitive exams.

Topics of the Jurisprudence Revision Course

Lecture 1
Strategy, Tips, and Tricks to study Jurisprudence
General introduction to Jurisprudence
Overview of the subject (meaning, nature, scope)
Purpose & relevance

Lecture 2
Schools of Jurisprudence
Analytical School & Historical School
Sociological & Realist School
‘Natural Law’ School
Concept of Law & its Kinds

Lecture 3
Sources of Law: Custom, Legislation, Judicial Precedents
Concept of Legal Personality

Lecture 4
Administration of Justice
Legal Rights & Duties
Concept of Possession & Ownership

Lecture 5
Consolidated discussion of theories of various jurists
Answer writing, discussion, and queries

Take-aways from the Course
Detailed and in-depth understanding of theories, concepts, and schools of Jurisprudence
Strategy and approach to study Jurisprudence for law school exams
Comprehensive guidance on how to attempt answers in the examination.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz
  • Course Certificate

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