Best Bundle of Law Webinars by LLS

Enroll in the Best Bundle of Law Webinars by LLS and unlock a world of possibilities in the legal field. Take the first step towards a successful legal career.

About LLS (Lawctopus Law School):

With a diverse community of over 9500+ students, including law students, academicians, industry professionals, lawyers, CAs, and business professionals, Lawctopus Law School (LLS) has established itself as a leading platform for online legal education in India. Our commitment to providing high-quality legal courses and webinars has led us to collaborate with top law firms such as Surana and Surana, Sujata Choudhari IP Attorneys, and industry bodies like the Delhi Management Association (DMA), NIPO, and PACT.

About Webinar Bundle

Each webinar in this bundle is meticulously crafted to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in your legal endeavors. Whether you are a law student seeking a deeper understanding of key legal concepts or a practicing lawyer looking to enhance your expertise, this bundle has something for everyone.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through engaging recorded video lectures, covering a wide range of topics in a clear and concise manner. Dive into the essentials of contract drafting and gain the ability to create airtight agreements that protect your clients’ interests. Unlock the secrets of effective negotiation techniques and become a master in navigating complex legal discussions.

Expand your horizons with in-depth sessions on contract management and the intricacies of drafting a Sale Deed. Discover the lucrative field of trademark law and explore the exciting career opportunities it offers. Immerse yourself in the world of privacy law and develop the expertise to navigate the challenges of data protection and cybersecurity.

Want to become a Technology Law Expert? We’ve got you covered. Our webinar will provide you with the necessary insights to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology-related legal issues. Learn how to understand and respond to legal notices effectively, ensuring compliance and protecting your clients’ rights.

Lastly, polish your advocacy skills with our webinar on how to ace Oral Advocacy in Moot Court Competitions. Gain the confidence and techniques needed to present compelling arguments and make a lasting impression in the courtroom.

With this bundle, you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. Engage in our online discussion forum, where you can connect with instructors and fellow learners, sharing insights and resolving doubts. Additionally, benefit from our monthly webinars on related topics, exclusively available to our students.

Course Content:

  1. Essentials of Contract Drafting:

    Master the art of drafting effective contracts with this webinar. Explore the key elements of contract drafting, learn best practices, and gain practical tips to ensure clarity and precision in your contractual agreements.

    What all will be covered in this Webinar?
    • What are the 7 essentials clauses that should be mandatorily included in ANY type of Contract?
    • Importance of these 7 essential clauses and how to skilfully draft the same?
    • What are the 3 ways to earn money by applying your skills of Contract Drafting?
  2. How to be a Good Negotiator – Tricks and Techniques:

    Unlock the secrets of successful negotiation with this webinar. Discover proven strategies, communication techniques, and psychological insights to become a skilled negotiator and achieve favorable outcomes.

    What all will be covered in this Webinar?
    • Elements and features of any negotiation
    • Mindset, skills, and techniques required to be a good negotiator
    • Some tips to ace negotiation (in competitions, as well as in real life)
    • Briefing about the Contract Drafting and Negotiation Course, by Lawctopus Law School

  3. Contract Management 101:

    Learn the fundamentals of contract management in this informative webinar. Understand the lifecycle of contracts, explore strategies for effective contract administration, and discover tools to mitigate risks and optimize performance.

    What all will be covered in this Webinar?
    • Basic overview of Contract Management
    • Steps involved in Contract Management
    • Necessary skills required to develop for managing contracts
    • Contract Management Software and their significance
  4. Everything to Know About Drafting a Sale Deed:

    Deep dive into the intricacies of drafting a sale deed in this webinar. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal requirements, essential clauses, and critical considerations for preparing a robust and legally sound sale deed.

    What all will be covered in this Webinar?
    • What is a Sale Deed? Elements of Sale Deed.
    • How to draft a Sale Deed?
    • Steps of Registration and Documents Required
    • Precautions to be used while purchasing a property
  5. Trademark Law as a Career:

    Explore the vast opportunities in trademark law and chart your career path with this insightful webinar. Learn about the importance of trademarks, the registration process, enforcement strategies, and discover how to build a successful career in this specialized field.

    What all will be covered in this Webinar?
    • Opportunities in Trademark Research
    • Trademark Due Diligence
    • Opportunities in Trademark Litigation
    • Trademark Strategy and Consultation
  6. Building a Career in Privacy Law:

    Stay ahead in the evolving field of privacy law with this webinar. Gain insights into data protection regulations, privacy frameworks, compliance strategies, and explore the diverse career options available in the privacy law landscape.

    What all will be covered in this Webinar?
    • Introduction to Privacy Law
    • What is the GDPR?
    • What is CIPP/E? How to become a certified Privacy Law professional
    • Information about Lawctopus Law School’s Course on TMT Laws
    • Career guidance and Job Opportunities in Privacy Law
  7. How to Become a Technology Law Expert?

    Unleash your potential in the dynamic field of technology law with this webinar. Discover the legal challenges posed by emerging technologies, delve into cybersecurity, intellectual property issues, and equip yourself with the knowledge to become a sought-after technology law expert.

    What all will be covered in this Webinar?
    • Understanding the basics of Technology Law
    • Discussion on Technology Law based due diligence, compliance procedures
    • Understanding Technology Law Contracts & Smart Contracts
    • Roadmap to find a career in Technology Law
  8. Understanding Legal Notice:

    Master the art of drafting and responding to legal notices in this webinar. Learn the nuances of effective communication, legal requirements, and procedural aspects associated with legal notices.

    What all will be covered in this Webinar?
    • What is a legal notice and its significance?
    • Understanding the client’s brief
    • Exploring future course of litigation
    • Adopting a strategic approach before sending the legal notice
    • Concision and Precision
  9. How to Ace Oral Advocacy in Moot Court Competitions:

    Sharpen your advocacy skills and excel in moot court competitions with this webinar. Explore techniques for persuasive oral arguments, effective courtroom presentation, and gain valuable insights from experienced moot court practitioners.

    What all will be covered in this Webinar?
    • The Craft of Oral Advocacy
    • Key snippets of Court Craft
    • Framing Oral submissions
    • Resources for channelling oral submissions apart from the Memorial
    • Framing of arguments
    • Skills and importance of being a good speaker

Mode of Learning and Additional Benefits:

Mode of Learning: The webinars are completely online and self-paced, allowing you to access the content at your convenience. Benefit from recorded video lectures, text-based modules, reading resources, and an online forum for doubts and discussions.

At LLS, we are dedicated to your success. Our team is committed to providing excellent support throughout your learning journey. Stay informed and connected through regular email updates, dedicated WhatsApp and email groups, and personalized assistance whenever needed.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to enhance your legal expertise. Enroll in the Best Bundle of Law Webinars by LLS and unlock a world of possibilities in the legal field. Take the first step towards a successful legal career and join the ranks of our thriving community of legal professionals.

Enroll today and embark on a transformative learning experience that will shape your future. The legal world is waiting for you.

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Course Includes

  • 9 Lessons
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