Copyright – Law & Practice (November 1 – 30)

This course has been developed with the intention to help students and young lawyers become a master of the subject and will help the learners acquire strong practical knowledge about the subject.

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Course on Copyright – Law and Practice

Copyright Law is one of the most dynamic laws under the IPR regime and has boomed in the last few years.

With the technological advancements, businesses, big and small, especially in creative and technological sectors, have become conscious of their Intellectual Property in general and Copyrights in particular.

This course has been developed with the intention to help students and young lawyers become a master of the subject and will help the learners acquire strong practical knowledge about the subject.

Contents of the Course 

  1. An orientation session that explains how to make full use of the course
  2. Rigorously researched reading resources
  3. Recorded video lectures covering the length and breadth of copyright law. 
  4. A discussion forum to resolve all your doubts
  5. Assignments (both objective and essay-type)
  6. Whatsapp and email groups for constant communication
  7. Four, 90-minute long live sessions which build upon the course material

The Lawctopus team gets 100% behind its students, keeping them informed via regular emails, Whatsapp groups, and even phone calls (if you are lagging behind the assignments) and you can rest assured of excellent delivery of a quality course.

Structure of the Course 

Module 1: Understanding the Historical and Theoretical Foundations of Copyright

  • What is Copyright?
  • What’s the history of Copyright Law?
  • How Copyright Law has evolved to become one of the most important components of Intellectual Property Law?

Module 2: Introduction to the Copyright Act of 1957

  • Important provisions and definitions of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957.
  • Basic concepts of copyright law

Module 3: Registration of Copyright

  • The procedure for registering the copyright in India
  • Documentation requirement for registration
  • Common mistakes made in applying for the copyright registration and how to avoid them

Module 4: Assignment and Licensing

  • Difference between the assignment and licensing: Sections 18 to 19A and Chapter X of the Copyright Act
  • Statutory licensing and compulsory licensing of copyrighted work

Module 5: Infringement of Copyright

  • What is copyright infringement?
  • How do you determine whether there has been a copyright infringement?
  • How does the copyright act deal with infringement?
  • Landmark cases of copyright infringement

Module 6: Remedies for the Infringement of Copyright

  • Remedies are available to the copyright owner in case of infringement of his rights
  • Civil, criminal and administrative, and important judicial decisions interpreting these remedies

Module 7: Fair Dealing and Fair Use

  • The doctrine of fair dealing is recognized under International Copyright law and is used by different countries in their national legislation
  • Section 52 of the Copyright Act plus the landmark cases interpreting this section

Module 8: Parallel Importation of Copyrighted Works

  • What is parallel importation of copyrighted work
  • The doctrine of exhaustion

Module 9: Collective Administration of Copyright through Copyright Societies

  • Law on Copyright Societies in India
  • Registration and functioning of Copyright Societies and administration of rights of owners by copyright societies

Module 10: Agreements and Contracts Related to Copyrights

  • Drafting of agreements related to copyright ownership and licensing
  • Copyright/IPR clauses in employment agreements
  • Copyright/IPR clauses in terms and conditions of various websites

Who is this course for?

  • Law students interested in IP laws and especially copyright laws
  • CAs, business people interested to gain knowledge and practical know-how of copyright law
  • Practicing lawyers looking to start or get into the practice of Copyrights
  • Legal academicians who want to gain a practical understanding of Copyrights

Details for our Copyright – Law and Practice Course

Duration: 4 weeks

Course fee: Rs. 3400 (inclusive of GST)

Certificate: An e-certificate will be provided by Lawctopus Law School on successful completion of the course.

Mode of learning

  • Completely online and self-paced
  • Recorded video lectures
  • Text-based modules and reading resources
  • Online based forum for the resolution of doubts
  • 3 live webinars/sessions with Lawctopus’ team and subject experts
  • Assignment with feedback

Add-On Benefits

  • Get a certificate issued by Lawctopus on successful completion of the course
  • Recorded lecture on CV making
  • Recorded lecture on making it as a legal freelancer
  • Preferable internship positions for best-performing students with Lawctopus’ partner organizations
  • Ad-hoc paid assignments
  • Publication opportunities for best-performing students
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Course Includes

  • 31 Lessons
  • 1 Topic
  • 1 Quiz
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